Announcing the Sunset Traffic Jam Cam

Sunset Boulevard is “one of the worst chokepoints in the City” ~ Mike Bonin

Starting Spring 2017 Sunset Traffic Will Become a Nightmare: Archer School Massive Expansion Approved by Bonin, Caruso Palisades Village, Brentwood School and Mount St. Mary’s Projects all in the Pipeline.

You Asked – Sunset Coalition Delivers!

Sunset Coalition announces the Sunset Traffic Jam Cam (the first is located near Sunset/Bundy intersection). Now you can check the Sunset traffic before you start your commute.

Visit and check the traffic before you start your drive. We also include Goggle maps with traffic in case you can’t believe the real-time video footage of Sunset Boulevard gridlock. On mobile devices, this site works just like streaming videos on YouTube; you can only view one video at a time, and the video quality might be affected by the bandwidth.


We all know how frustrating it is to commute on Sunset Boulevard during peak hours. The intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Barrington Avenue is so gridlocked; Councilman Bonin calls it “one of the worst choke points in the city”. Getting through the Sunset/Barrington intersection is the most crucial part of the Sunset commute. During peak hours, it can take at least an hour to travel the one-mile distance on Sunset Boulevard from Bundy Avenue intersection to I 405!

Starting spring 2017, the Sunset traffic nightmare will get even worse.

There are several expansion projects starting next year which will have a negative impact on Sunset traffic. Archer’s massive expansion, approved by Mike Bonin, Caruso Palisades Village, Brentwood School (West and East campus) and Mount St. Mary’s projects are in the pipeline. We are fighting to reduce adverse impacts of these and other projects on Sunset Boulevard traffic.

The Sunset Traffic Jam Cam site has a feature that lets you tell Councilman Bonin directly what you think about the Sunset traffic nightmare.


We have two cameras up so far, and we are looking for more locations, in particular between Bundy/Sunset and Barrington/Sunset intersections, so if you have a good view of the gridlock on Sunset please email:

To learn more about our efforts, please visit: and